The Tiny Home Movement – Building A Tiny Home

The Tiny Home Movement – Building A Tiny Home

Tiny homes are generally 100-400 square feet and cost anywhere from $20,000 – $50,000. Although some make tiny homes for much less, especially after remodeling an old vehicle, like an RV.

The tiny home movement has gotten a lot more attention after the financial crisis hit in 2008. Some needed to downsize their homes while others have had to make accommodations for additional family members moving in after having  difficulty making ends meet.

Still, others simply wish to spend their money in different parts of their lives rather than on living accommodations. The majority Americans spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their income for a home, which translates to working 15 years over your lifetime. 68% of tiny home owners have no mortgage which frees up money for other interests.

One major consideration of tiny homes is zoning laws. Make sure that you fully understand what is legal in your area.

Here are some videos of different tiny homes with price ranges between $3000 – $45,000.

$45,000, nice design:

$23,000 + appliances:


Under $5,000

$5,600, converted bus:


Photo: Reuters


Photo: The Tiny Life

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