Three of Obama’s Shadow Weasels Outed, “People Could Go to Jail”

Three of Obama’s Shadow Weasels Outed, “People Could Go to Jail”

The shadow weasels may have been revealed…or at least some of them.  Former President Obama made some very calculated and sinister moves directly prior to departing the Oval Office in January.  The reasons for these moves has become abundantly clear over the past few months when one considers the hemorrhaging of classified information that has been turned on in a full torrent directly from the Federal Government to the Leftist mainstream media.

Never before has this much illegally leaked information been released to the press regarding the current administration and the reason is many fold.  Once upon a time, there was a standing unspoken philosophy that, when your term as president ended, you were to comport yourself with dignity and respect for the office and bow out gracefully.  You were to afford the incoming president an update to all the information that would allow that president to be successful and, for the good of the citizens of the United States, regard that new president, your successor, as the man who would go on to keep you and your family safe in the future days.

Obama never intended on doing any of that.  In fact, as disdainful as he is about American ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and exceptionalism, he is even more disdainful of respecting the office of the presidency.  That was blared like a trumpet from day one when he showed his dislike for America by traveling to all the nations around the world and putting down our advancements, our achievements and our getting past our adversities of the past to right the wrongs of slavery and religious persecution.  Instead of making a smooth transition for the new president his priority, he chose to set up his future Department of Shadowy Endeavors (DSE) that would headquarter itself directly down Pennsylvania Avenue; an organization whose main objective was to sabotage the new administration by creating constant chaos within its ranks and using its long claws to manipulate career government workers in key positions to leak valuable and classified information to the press so that Trump and his Cabinet and advisors would remain in a never-ending state of damage control.  Thus, he would bring about a stalling of the new president's agenda and stated initiatives and do the faithful bidding of his master, George Soros.

Those same career government operatives, who have been so industrious in damaging national security with their leaking of information to the press, and who have been specifically burrowed like a parasite into those positions that would initially (theoretically) protect them from dismissal, are now being ferreted out.  Some of these shadow weasels have been identified and an effort to possibly charge them with government ethics violations and more has been announced by Trey Yingst, the White House Correspondent for One America News Network (OANN).

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