Threat-Ridden Anti-Trump Rap Video Goes Viral

Donald Trump’s got a new enemy on the streets, a group of young thugs — or “rappers” — hoping to knock Donald down with violent threats and obscenities. While The Donald has taken on much more formidable foes, these men are just a small representation of the huge armies the left is trying to activate against the billionaire businessman.

The video for an anti-Donald Trump laced with violent threats song performed by Baltimore rappers Tlow, Lor Roger, and Dooley, has garnered tens of thousands of views on Youtube, Soundcloud, and

As the video begins, you can hear a voice ask, “Hey, uh, what do you guys think about Donald Trump?”

“MAN, F–K DONLAD TRUMP!” a chorus of voices shout back in response, as the camera pans across the face of dozens of rowdy young black men.

See the video below. Does this qualify for the protections of free speech, or is it a threat? Regardless, it’s unlikely they’ll feel any real ramifications.

Source: Brietbart



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