On Thomas Aquinas’ Distrust Of Islam

On Thomas Aquinas’ Distrust Of Islam

What would devout followers of Islam think of Thomas Aquinas’ un-PC statements about their religion?  In today’s climate of tolerance for all, except Christianity, Aquinas would be slapped with a lawsuit by Attorney General Loretta Lynch as she, “Muzzles (sic) free speech regarding a deep concern over Islamic ideology, if it “edges toward violence”, as previously reported by Truth and Action.

Thomas Aquinas, the brilliant 13th century scholar, philosopher and theologian was well versed in the writings of Mohammad and Muslim philosophers of his day which included Avicenna, Algazel, and Averroes.  He wrote prolifically about and against the religion in his work Summa contra gentiles, in the years 1258 and 1264 AD, which is significantly closer to the founding of what he considered a heresy  of Christianity.

In this weighty work, Summa contra gentiles, he contrasted the spread Islam with Christianity, making the argument that the spread of Islam was “worked through the promise of sensual pleasures and the violence of the sword”, where as the spread of Christianity resulted from a widespread belief in Jesus’ miracles.

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