Thirteen Rebel VIPs Who Support Trump

Thirteen Rebel VIPs Who Support Trump

Sylvester Stallone and Hulk Hogan

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Donald Trump made his share of enemies while growing his massive business empire and his work in the entertainment market was no exception to the pattern, but if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s negotiation.

The President survived – and thrived – in his time working with Hollywood and its stars. Despite the entertainment industry’s definite left-leaning nature, Trump established plenty of contacts while developing his media-savvy and persuasion skills. Those same skills let him take on his political opponents in his bid for election, defeating the Democrats, as well as the ‘Never-Trumpers’ in his own party. He also established and reinforced positive relationships with many people he worked with.

Despite the general impression that Hollywood celebrities, sports stars and other notable VIPs are apt to criticize Trump at every turn,  you’ll see in the following slides, he has no shortage of allies and supporters, including some you may not have known about.

Donald Trump may not have the same kind of sycophants supporting him that someone like Hillary Clinton has, but to many, that’s a good thing. Those who support him can be outspoken and fearless! Some are particularly surprising, in an industry not known for supporting Republicans.

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