These 11 Celebrities Vowed to Leave the U.S. if Trump is Elected


Plenty of outspoken celebrities are deeply unhappy that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential race. Although few of these entertainers are famous for their political savvy, their opinion may sway a large number of fans. The most common complaint these folks present about Donald Trump, when they articulate one, is that Trump is unqualified to be the President of the United States. Some of these folks are so outraged that they have gone so far as to say they would leave America if he was elected!

Get started  and see which celebrities are going to back their bags if Trump is elected. Use the “Start Slideshow” link below:

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  1. RON
  2. Verutum
  3. bob
  4. Old Pete
  5. Libertarian Prime
  6. Matt. M.
  7. hayward stewart
  8. James Tossetti
  9. Judd

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