The Vagina Challenge: New Feminist Campaign Backfires in Hilarious Way

The creators of Vagisil, a vaginal itch company, are claiming women are uncomfortable with the fact they have vaginas, instead of penises. So, to be rid of this Freudian complex they need to scream out VAGINA at the top of their lungs in a public setting while recording themselves to end sexism.

Real talk: 35% of women are uncomfortable saying the word vagina. It’s time to stop the shame and start the conversation. We officially challenge you to fight the stigma around women’s health—by using the word ‘vagina’ proudly, without shame. For every #VaginaChallenge video shared, Vagisil will donate $5 (to a max of $25,000) to support access to women’s wellness programs.

Uh, come again feminist?! Ahh o, wait you never have or you wouldn’t have a seconds qualm or any shame about having a vagina. Try not hanging around those liberal feminist guys. Find a real man. Maybe then you wouldn’t be a feminist studies major fronting as a Rosie O’Donnell impersonator with a smelly hairy itchy who-hah embarrassed to have your own vagina.

Of course, like most of their crazy campaigns, it has backfired in a hilarious way:

Source: Vagisil 



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