The One Paragraph from the JFK Assassination Files that Reveals Everything

Political operative Roger Stone believes the same forces at play leading the JFK assassination are still at work and trying to get to President Trump.

The assassination of JFK is like a Rorschach test. We see what we want to see in the life of JFK. Against the war in Vietnam or a warmonger? Was LBJ a friend or one of the key political deep state operatives looking the other way? But, what was the context of the times? What was the feel? 1963. We now know the answers to these questions with the release of the recent JFK documents. There was a power at play far larger than the scope of any one man when JFK tragically lost his life.

A new shocking paragraph came to light in the 2,800 newly declassified JFK files that explain everything. Not the nitty-gritty of the whodunit, but the political ship driving the cover-up.

Head on over to the next page to read the shocking statement acknowledging the most deadly group rumored to exist within global politics is indeed real.




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