The NSA hopes you’ll just ignore this video

The NSA hopes you’ll just ignore this video

Obama's NSA would love it if we would all just shut up and let them get back to snooping through all the data they gather. They'll send us the bill later. And don't speak out against their practices because you think you have a right to privacy. That all goes out the window the moment they mention possible terrorist threats.

Fortunately, the nonprofit civil liberties organization, The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is pretty serious about discovering and exposing unconstitutional spying and now they are joined by some celebrities and whistleblowers of all political stripes in this viral video to help reveal some stunning abuses of our basic rights.

Over 1 million people have watched this clip on YouTube since it was posted on October 23rd. If you haven't seen it, click below to watch and make sure to share this with anyone who ought to be concerned about warrantless, suspicionless spying.

We ALL should be concerned!



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