The Moore Manifesto: “Abolish 2nd Amendment for New 28th Amendment!”

Michael Moore, the bastion of Liberal Lunacy, has once again entered the fray of a controversial subject and shed light on the very vast (and empty) cobwebbed recesses of his mind.

While other people in the country are praying and wishing for the quick recovery of the over 500 people who were wounded by this Jackass Party mass murderer, as well as for the thousands of family members of the 59 innocents whose lives were viciously ripped from them by senseless hatred on the Left, Moor is attempting to politicize the tragedy with his own brand of loopy logic, painting the United States of America as a nation on par with Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Castro’s Cuba, Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, and Mao tse-tung’s China.

According to him, the Constitution of the United States, a document whose words have been repeated and emulated in constitutions of other nations across the globe because of its enlightened language, and specifically the 2nd Amendment, need to be altered.

Read on the following page how an out-of-work, hack filmmaker with no working knowledge of legislation, regulation or legality of firearms has written…yes, written…a new 28th Amendment to the US Constitution in order to abolish the 2nd Amendment forever!

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