The First 50: Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments So Far

The First 50: Trump’s Biggest Accomplishments So Far

The main conceit of Donald Trump's presidential campaign was that it was time to deliver a businessman to the White House. Now that he's successfully made the transition from CEO to politician, we're seeing the benefits of a business-oriented administration.

To put it simply, he's already gotten a lot done.

Trump started his role with a series of executive orders — more than any new president other than Barack Obama. Those orders made good on his major campaign promises. He ordered construction on a wall and imposed a travel ban on terror-ridden nations. He also undid many of his predecessor's overreaching orders.

But Trump's first fifty days are also filled with accomplishments that haven't been covered extensively by the media. Luckily, the White House has provided a release listing all of Trump's biggest accomplishments since taking the White House in late January.

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