The Caliphate Has Arrived and It’s Only Going to Get Bigger

Jayda Fransen is the Deputy Leader of Britain First, an organization dedicated to the perpetuation of British history and culture in a world that is rapidly changing and in which British values seem to be disappearing as quickly as White Europeans from these very diverse neighborhoods.  Similar in many ways to America First sentiments expressed by Trump supporters and Tea Party members, Britain First has set about making videos to demonstrate the hypocrisy of Regressivism and it’s fake news narrative that Muslims just want to get along with everyone.

As a prelude to the video, keep in mind that these folks from Britain First are merely walking through a BRITISH neighborhood in GREAT BRITAIN.  They are keeping to themselves when a Muslim store owner confronts them with a friendly “F**k you, mate!” and flips them off.  When they question him further, he proceeds to inform them that the country is now in the possession of the Caliphate and there’s nothing the British can do about it.

This video was prompted by events that took place last year and in 2015 when protests in the Muslim neighborhoods broke out after the wife of a terrorist who detonated a bomb in Stockholm was arrested and sentenced to prison.  The wife implored other Muslims to commit violent acts and tweeted that she would rather live in any other country but Great Britain.  This, coming from a woman who was living on the Swedish Welfare system and enjoyed the benefits of reduced-cost housing.

Paul Golding is the Leader of the Britain First movement and he and Fransen spend an exorbitant amount of time creating videos and putting out information regarding the extremism of the Muslim communities in Luton and exposing the myth that this is a religion of peace and love.  In fact, one in a series of videos, Golding has a frank and open conversation with a Muslim man in his 20s who fully and proudly admits that Muslims are coming to Europe for one reason and one reason only:  the complete and total domination and invasion of the world.

There are literally dozens of videos of Britain First in towns like Luton, Leicester and Derby who are handing out anti-EU pamphlets and pro-Brexit newspapers to very welcoming British citizens. The problem always arrives with either Leftist provocateurs under American-styled anti-First Amendment methods of violence and stupidity, or with the Muslim residents themselves who attack the Britain First pamphlet-holders. Here’s a Leicester day of pamphlet and newspaper hand-outs by non-violent activists.

Interestingly, as the videographer points out, many of these “protesters” are the same ones that show up in towns all over Britain pretending to be local residents.

And here we have one event in Derby that turns violent.

Both Golding and Fransen have been arrested and have been banned from returning to the Bury Park section of Luton, despite the fact (backed by video) that they were attacked by Muslims, and not vice versa. They actually are required once a month to go down to the police station and sign in as a promise that they are not returning to a free British town where they themselves were assaulted by Muslims. Gotta love the hypocrisy.  Golding at one point said that he wishes sometimes that the police wouldn’t show up at the events because when they do, the Muslims get violent.  When the police are absent, the Muslims stand a good way away from their group and merely glare at them.  It seems when the police arrive, it’s as if they know that the cops will protect them and shield them from any reciprocal actions.

To cap off the fact that these immigrant neighborhoods are increasing in size and frequency, Europeans are declining at an alarming rate. Take a couple of minutes to view this Britain First video which explains in the starkest terms what is the future of Europe if they remain on the same tracks that they’re currently on and what it holds for them.

Luton may not be the largest of these problem areas, but it now ranks up there as the scariest, considering that the Caliphate has been established here and now the British citizens are told to walk the other way.  Britain First itself, as a group, has been banned from entering a part of Luton called Bury Park.  The police themselves have been directed by local government officials to disallow any people bearing the insignia from entering that part of the city.

In essence, we’re talking about the equivalent of what is going on in Jerusalem, where the Jews are not even permitted to close their eyes and make a hand motion toward their heads (in prayer) while they are on the summit of the Temple Mount.  If they do, they are immediately arrested because it is offensive to Muslims.  It’s no exaggeration and it’s no joke.  The very place where King Solomon built the Great Temple that housed the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, that held the actual Ten Commandments, is pretty much off limits to Jews who wish to pray there.  The West Wall (or Wailing Wall) is pretty much the only place where Jews can pray in public without persecution.

Pretty soon, this will be us here in the States. Dearborn, Michigan is a perfect example of this and most people are not even aware that the majority language spoken in Dearborn is Arabic. Even the city council is predominantly Muslim. The Caliphate has arrived and I wonder how long it will be before we no longer have the ability to say what we wish in public without arrest.



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