How to thank our soldiers

How to thank our soldiers

BuzzFeeder Benny Johnson shared a great post for the 4th of July that really merits a look. Here are some of his pointers:

We are a generation winding down from a decade of war.

There is a really good chance you know someone who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Here are some nice ways to welcome them home or just say thank you.

  • Look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake. No one appreciates a firm handshake more than a soldier.

George W Bush thanks veterans

  • Admire their medals. They were hard-earned.
  • Always treat their families with great respect.
  • They have been through more than you could imagine.
  • Laugh with them!
  • Laughter is a medicine that works 102% of the time.
  • Sometimes it’s important that you treat a soldier the way you would treat anyone else.
  • Listen.
  • Listening is often the best gift you can give someone.
  • Make sure you are respectful.
  • But if you only have a minute, look them square in the eye…
  • And say, “Thank you.”


Source: Benny Johnson on BuzzFeed



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