Texas Teen Suspended For Wearing American Flag T-Shirt To School

The story that possibly over ran this outrage was the Ahmed Mohammed story- who brought a fake suitcase bomb to school.  So the report on the Goode story relates:

To much quieter media fanfare, Seagoville High School officials in Dallas ISD punished junior Jaegur Goode for wearing an American flag T-shirt – and no one ever even saw the shirt. The stars and stripes were tucked away under a hoodie the teen sported. An assistant principal asked Goode to lift his sweatshirt which revealed the patriotic U.S. flag with the signature American bald headed eagle emblazoned over Old Glory.

That big reveal landed Goode in one day of In-School Suspension (ISS) for violating the school dress code policy. The decision was then reversed, most likely because the local FOX affiliate (KDFW) intervened alongside Goode’s mother.

According to KDFW-4, Goode, passionate about ROTC, hoped to earn a scholarship through the program. “He wants to go into the military,” his mother Shelly Goode told the TV news outlet. “He wants to help people, and any bad marks doesn’t look good.”

KDFW-4 reported that Seagoville High does not require uniforms, only that students wear solid colors. The only exceptions are for school spirit, college logos or shirts supporting the military. The dress code states: “Students arriving at school OR found to be out of dress code during the school day will be placed in In-School Suspension (ISS) until the end of the day.”

Reports also show that Goode may have a red flag in his school file that will follow him-so Goode's mother got involved.  She took on the suspension and ding to her son's official file that would follow him wherever he applied to College (showing a disciplinary action, not the reason, jading his file) .  The principal walked back the whole situation:

He added that the in-school suspension would not go in her son’s disciplinary file. That matters. ISS is a newer convention that can leave a big red flag on a student’s permanent records. Such zero tolerance-based disciplinary policies ding student records, open the door to criminalizing student behavior, and pave a pathway or pipeline where youth move from school-to-prison instead of into college and/or career.

The fact that wearing an American flag is not appropriate at an American High School, speak volumes.  Enough said.  Shaking our heads at this, we wonder the machinations of the Obama legacy can be stopped.

Source: Breitbart News



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