Texas State Representative Introduces Bill Criminalizing Masturbation

Sometimes, the best political strategy is to let your opponent do all of the talking. That way, they can discredit their argument all by themselves. Often, they do it with a lack of awareness. Sometimes, it's a lack of knowledge. Other times, it's by doing something absolutely insane.

Last week, one Texas state representative managed to do all three.

In an effort to support abortion rights,  Rep. Jessica Farrar introduced a bill so absurd that it can only be seen as a gift to the pro-life community. And the bill doesn't effect woman at all.

Instead, the bill targets men — and unfertilized sperm. The legislation seems to equate semen to fertilized eggs in a pathetic display of ineptitude. Not only does the author not understand the science behind pregnancy — she also managed to make a fascinatingly invasive and pointless bill.

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