Texas Representative Asks Mosques to Denounce Sharia Law, Mosques Respond

Now that the Islamic State has become a global terror powerhouse, many Muslim leaders have been forced to defend the Islamic faith and denounce the practice of Jihad. But some mosque leaders in Texas appear unwilling to do so.

In May of 2014, an Islamic tribunal in Texas was discovered practicing Sharia law. In response, the Texas legislature passed a bill that outlawed the practice in the Lone Star State.

Last month, a Texas lawmaker sent a questionnaire to Islamic leaders in Texas asking for their opinion on such laws. Their response — if you can call it that — was less than satisfactory. While a commitment to protect Muslims from harm from radical members of their own faith seems uncontroversial, the Islamic leaders refused to commit.

See what the Islamic Leaders had to say about the request on the next page:




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