Texas Professor Instructs Black Students to Practice Radical Self-Defense

Texas Professor Instructs Black Students to Practice Radical Self-Defense

It is racist to want to kill black people. But, okay to actually kill white people? Listening to Professor Tommy Curry discuss critical race relations is a masterclass in both ironies and the tragic effect low self-esteem has on delicate minds.

Everyone is born with unearned privileges. Be it being born into a wealthy or loving family, intelligent, athletic or gifted. It is absurd to create a racial platform built around the concept that life is fair and unearned privilege is white privilege.

Smart people have a non-negotiable advantage over other people. But, no one blames smart people for possessing high intelligence. Yes, they’re often forced to pay for the stupidity of the masses. But, no one suggests killing them all off.

How would it benefit stupid people to kill off all the smart people? Or all the non-athletic people to kill off all the athletes? The very question or concept is a redundant display of sheer stupidity. As someone eventually has to pay for everything.

That's just one fallicy of this concept of privilege.

What the heck is white priviledge anyway? Because whites put the blood, sweat and tears into creating this amazing country they are somehow privileged? If working hard makes you privileged then so be it, just don't complain if you don't do the same. And, what about all the black, or otherwise non-white folk who work hard and live a good life enjoying the spoils of their labor. Did they somehow escape this insidious trap? It's beyond obvious that the whole concept of white priviledge is born of an agenda that seeks to widen the racial divide.

What is Professor Curry’s logic or emotional reactive framework for encouraging students to kill off white people?

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