Texas Passes Law Banning Sharia Law

In May 2015, Texas legislatures sent a bill, penned by State Sen. Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels), to Gov. Greg Abbott desk that prevents Sharia law from being practiced in Texas civil courts.

Although Cambbell’s bill doesn’t mention Sharia law specifically, stating that any foreign law is barred, Muslim detractors and leftist loonies are still crying ‘Islamophobia’ over the law.




On Thursday night, May 21, the Texas state senate passed a bill that would prevent any international law from being used in Texas civil courts in deciding disputes. Radio station WOAI characterized the bill as an “anti-sharia” bill, but state Senator Donna Campbell said that her bill doesn’t mention sharia law at all, just that it guarantees that no law from “foreign courts” would be used to override American law in settling civil matters.

When pressed for clarification about just which such laws she was concerned about, and could she provide an example, she whiffed: “No foreign law [specifically].… This just provides a context for judicial discretion … that we don’t trump Texas law, American law, with a foreign law regarding family law.”

Whether Campbell knew it or not, her bill, if signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, would make Texas the next in line among nine other states to have enacted similar statutes: Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington, Alabama, and Florida.

She might have more properly and accurately responded by referring to the recently updated study “Shariah in American Courts: The Expanding Incursion of Islamic Law in the U.S. Legal System” by the Center for Security Policy. It documents 146 cases in 32 states in which a party involved in litigation asked the court to have the matter resolved using sharia law instead of state or federal statutes.

Or she could have enlisted the support of the American Public Policy Alliance (APPA), which details how 10 American families have had their rights either threatened or abrogated altogether in court rulings that invoked sharia law.

One of those cases would have proved her point: Joohi Q. Hosain v. Anwar Malik, decided in two Maryland courts in 1996. Wrote the judge for the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland:

Appellant mother challenged an order of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County … which declined to assume jurisdiction in the matter and granted comity [official recognition of another court’s ruling] to various Pakistani court orders that granted sole unrestricted custody of the child to the appellee father….

The judgment of the Circuit Court declining jurisdiction … affirmed.

APPA provided the sources for the nine other cases in which courts either deferred to foreign courts or threatened to do so.

Campbell could have expanded her defense of the bill by noting the remarkable recovery of plans by the Muslim Brotherhood to use any means at hand to insinuate it into the American system of jurisprudence.

Source: The New American



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