Texas House Makes a Move Sure to Engrage the Federal Reserve

The Texas House of Representatives has passed a brand new proposal with a vote of 143-0 to create a new Texas Bullion Depository, amassing wealth of the state to a banking facility in the state that is completely separate from a U.S. federal reserve system and, therefore, untouchable by the U.S. Government.

The new facility will allow private individuals and entities from within the state and, eventually from around the globe, to invest in the Bullion corporation by deposit precious metals into the facility and drawing on it through debit cards and checking accounts, just like modern banking systems.

In so doing, it would eventually dispel the need for the federal reserve note, placing more value on the gold and silver than on the note.  The possibilities are endless and the Tenth Amendment Center ascribes this vote as being the single most important piece of legislation to pass in 2017.

It will be interesting to see what challenges this bill faces in the future and how it will fare with the actual construction of the facility.  We can hold out hope that it will be successful and break the monopoly of the Federal Reserve.

Source:  Tenth Amendment Center

Image: Giovanni Capriglione/Twitter



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