Texas Governor Tells BLM “Get The Hell Out!”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent a letter addressed to the Neil Kornz, the director of the Bureau of Land Management. The letter  Kornz to get out of land that has been used and privately owned by Texan farmers and ranchers for generations. This is only the most recent letter Abbott has sent to the BLM director, however:

In the Texas Governor’s newest letter to the federal agency, Abbott expressed the frustrations felt by many of the landowners who have been involved in this ongoing battle. Abbott wrote, “Texas will not wait any longer.”

The governor reminded Kornz of his previous letters on this issue. “My fellow Texans and I are still waiting for an answer,” Abbott wrote. “The BLM has yet to identify what land the federal government newly claims as its own. The BLM has yet to identify the legal basis for that claim. And the BLM has yet to identify the process by which Texans can protect their land and private property rights.”

Governor Abbott’s office confirmed to Breitbart Texas they did receive two letters from Director Kornz. They indicated; however, the director’s letters were not responsive to the questions that were asked by the then Texas Attorney General

Source: Wounded American Warrior

Gage Skidmore

The BLM is dragging its feet in soil that isn't theirs and the longer it illegally holds onto that land, the closer they bring Texans to a boiling point. Of all the people not worth messing with, it would be Texans, followed closely by any American who doesn't support the usurpation of their privately held land. The BLM needs to get the hell out of Texas.


Red River Land Dispute Map

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Letter to BLM Director Kornz

Letter BLM Kornze to AG Abbott II



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