Texas City Orders Cops to Stop Bible Study

The City of Beaumont, Texas is violating the religious rights of their police officers.  The City shut down a voluntary Bible study which met at lunch, at the police station.  Sargent Burt Moore said that no one had complained, there was no provocation that created the demand from the City.

The attorney for the four Beaumont police officers said, “My Clients’ sincere religious beliefs and convictions have been violated by the City of Beaumont’s demand to stop holding a voluntary Bible study during their lunch hour at the police station. The last place we hope would impose on the religious rights of its own citizenry is now oppressing the same police officers who place their lives on the line every day to serve and protect us. We intend to show the City this is one thin blue line they cannot cross.”

The City’s hypocrisy is real, if they allow prayer before meetings, but will shut down a Bible study.

Source: Breitbart

Lawyer Briscoe Cain's TRFRA Notice Letter to City of Beaumont



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