Terrorists’ Family’s Lawyer Questions if Sandy Hook was a “Real Incident”

Representing the family of terrorists is no doubt a difficult task. In the case of the San Bernardino terrorists specifically, allegations of radicalization, pledges of allegiance to ISIS, and the presence of an IED factory in the family garage clearly makes the case even more difficult, but the biggest hurdle the family’s attorney may face is his own lack of intelligence.

Indeed, he seems to have a seriously lacking grasp on reality, much less law.

During a press conference filled with bizarre ramblings and pitiful attempts to rationalize this week’s mass murder, attorney David Chelsey’s credibility was already being questioned. Then, with a strange allusion to the fact that Sandy Hook’s fatal shootings never even happened, he removed all doubt. This man may be as insane as his client’s family.

Perhaps this is the best they could get. Regardless, his comments on Sandy Hook is but one of many ridiculous statements that openly flowed from the lawyer’s mouth.

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