Terrorist Magazine Lists Those Americans Pinpointed For Assassination

On the list:

Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett.

The list in Inspire magazine also included industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch, internet entrepreneur Larry Ellison, and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. A prominent economist was also on the list but asked that his name be withheld. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was named, though not Janet Yellen, who succeeded him.

It goes on to say:

Whoever understands the components of the American economy knows the importance these personalities play in the revival of the American Economy. The assassination of these economic personalities or their migration from America or the mere fact that they live in insecurity, will later on bring instability to the American economy. The economy is a major component of America’s supremacy in the world.”

The magazine then says that these men could secure their safety and wealth by:

1. Drawing all their money from American banks, and moving them to banks that are not related to the American stock market.

2. Investing their wealth outside American soil.

3. Declaring via media that the are far from American policies toward Muslim and America’s support for Israel.

Homegrown terrorists have been encouraged to take the “lone wolf” mujahideen tactics and act to eliminate these personalities.  The article also appeals to the African American activists to “rise up against the oppression and injustice directed towards you”.

Lastly, the article did a victory lap:

A copy of the September issue titled “Assassination Operations,” also includes topics like “Charlie Hebdo Military Analysis” and “Remembering Boston,” referencing the attacks on the French satire magazine and theBoston Bombing. The magazine also features a black-and-white image of the World Trade Center twin towers beginning to go down in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The image is captioned “Some things are too beautiful to be forgotten. Will we ever experience such a sight once more?”

The lies from Obama stating “we have Al-Queda on the run”–remember that?  The Obama regimes submission to Iran through the most appalling agreement the Iranian Nuclear deal—we are living through that.  Now with 9/11 here once again, we must not forget and give no quarter to those who want to annihilate us.

Source: the Blaze

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