Terror Task Force Chair: Obama Doesn’t Strike ISIS Oil Due to Environmental Concerns

Destroying a major source of ISIS revenue makes complete sense to a thinking person.  Taking away the $1.3 million daily from its “lucrative oil smuggling business” that ISIS utilizes to recruit and build their Caliphate makes logical sense, yet, Obama is far from logical and is concerned that bombing oil trucks will hurt the environment.

Their (ISIS) success is built upon their success to recruit, but they need money to operate their Caliphate and without money, they can’t function,” Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) also said, later adding that terrorism financing should be a “primary objective, but I think its importance is either underrated or not understood because a lot more resources should be put into this.”

Pittenger noted that the Obama administration’s efforts to tackle ISIS’ funding mechanisms are inadequate and underfunded, despite the key role the group’s revenue sources have played to its territorial expansion and capabilities on the battlefield.

Out of all the terrorist groups, ISIS has the most effective and elaborate financing apparatus, according to the congressman.

“Their financing structure is much more capable and sophisticated, and that’s why they’ve been able to recruit so well,” Pittenger told Breitbart News.

“I’m told the President did not want to take out the [ISIS oil] trucks because there are some concerns with the environment,” said Pittenger, who also serves as the vice-chair of the Bipartisan Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing.

Can we have more incompetent a Commander-in-Chief?

“They’ve [Obama administration] started taking out some of the [truck] convoys,” said Pittenger. “I’m still frustrated over them saying it’s hard to see the convoys when they’re on the open terrain. It’s a bit disingenous to me to say they can’t take trucks out, they can take them out. We’ve taken out some refineries. What’s the problem?”

Pittenger says more can be done to destroy the oil assets at the disposal of ISIS.  Though the State Department said that the U.S. air campaign has aimed to “cripple the illicit oil business”, reducing their revenue to “just” a $1 million a day, that is way too much.  The number should be zero.

The oil tankers are viewed by the administration as infrastructure which is supposed to help support the people after ISIS is no longer there.  This position is flawed however, as the people will no longer be there and ISIS will remain, if the Obama and his fool-headed military advice refuses to destroy the very life blood of ISIS.

Source: Breitbart

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