Temple of Baal Arch in London’s Trafalgar Square

Temple of Baal Arch in London’s Trafalgar Square

Reportedly coming to New York in September, a replica of the Temple of Baal Arch, that was built to stick it to ISIS for destroying the real McCoy in Palmyra, Syria, will be displayed in Time Square.  The arch was unveiled in London's Trafalgar Square, with ceremonious pomp, but with one last minute change.  The public backlash from celebrating Baal, a pagan deity, who's worship was fraught with orgies and baby sacrifice, resulted in the change of the name to the Palmyra Arch of Triumph.

The project that will be launched in both New York and London is a life-sized model arch from the 2,000 year old temple of Baal, standing  48 feet high and 23 feet wide. The temple itself was a cherished architectural gem, with great historic and cultural significance. It is reported that the Institute for Digital Archaeology plans on erecting approximatel 1,000 such arches in cities throughout the world. Truth and Action states, “…there are those would would object vehemently to the project, because what will be celebrated  by these arches is a symbol of debauchery and cultural degradation that should be abhorred.

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