Teens Attack Mailman for Late Christmas Deliveries

Have you ever gotten a delivery later than expected? Do you remember being disappointed? Do you Remember attacking the delivery guy afterward?

Oh, you don't? Well then, you're no doubt a little more civilized than these thugs in Baton Rouge, LA:

“A group of teens stepped in front of the USPS vehicle and blocked it from moving; they then attacked the postal worker and began punching him,” Baton Rouge Crime reported.

The fight began on a neighborhood street and spilled into residents’ front lawns, and during the fight one of the teens stole the mailman’s phone.

The mailman eventually got back to his truck, but the teenagers kicked and punched his mail truck as he drove off.

These kids weren't even caught, as police are still looking for the attackers. Check out the video below.

Source: Info Wars




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