Ted Cruz: Let’s Fire the IRS and Put All Their Agents on the Border

In a speech at the Iowa GOP Growth and Opportunity Party, Ted Cruz suggested he'd send IRS employees to the southern border if elected president.

“We need to padlock that building. Take all 90,000 and move them down on the southern border,” Cruz said of the employees currently working at the IRS building. “Imagine if you traveled thousands of miles in the blazing sun, you’re swimming across the Rio Grande, and the first thing you see is 90,000 IRS agents; you’d turn around and go home, too!”

Why the sudden job reassignment? Ted Cruz argues his tax policy is so easy to implement, the IRS itself would become unnecessary.

“It’s simple, and it’s fair,” he added, stating that more words are in the IRS tax code than in the Bible.

Whether or not the employees of the IRS would take their new job remains to be seen. Cruz, on the other hand, seems to have made up his mind. If he were elected president, you can kiss the IRS goodbye.

Source: Brietbart



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