Ted Cruz: Obama is Importing ISIS

Ted Cruz: Obama is Importing ISIS

Senator Ted Cruz has harsh words for Obama's plan to bring Middle Eastern refugees.  He views the Syrian crisis straight from Obama's foreign policy and arming so called “moderate” Muslims.  Sources have reported that these moderate Muslims are five tribal leaders, which cost America over 500 million dollars.  The arms the US sends over to the rebels turn up in the hands of ISIS.

These policies from Obama (Hillary as Secretary of State) started with Obama's “Arab Spring”(AS).  This AS was not a grassroots movement, but astroturf, brought to you by infiltration of Obama's CIA placing themselves within the young Muslims jihadists.  Social media provided the spark to over throw the regimes Obama deemed needed to go.

The Middle East was set on fire by Obama.  Today we see the end game, and how the whole conflagration is sending millions of Muslims into western Europe.

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