Ted Cruz: Not Surprised Trump Is “Trying To Stir Up Riots”

Ted Cruz: Not Surprised Trump Is “Trying To Stir Up Riots”

Ted Cruz had some very harsh words for Donald Trump this week, making what might have been the most strident criticism of the GOP frontrunner from any of his competitors.

Speaking on the Fox News Channel this past Wednesday, the Texas senator told host Megyn Kelly that he wasn't surprised that Trump was, as he put it, “trying to stir up riots” if he lost the Republican nomination. The remark was in reference to a prediction by Trump that his supporters would be very upset if the GOP establishment ended up using underhanded methods to force an unpopular candidate like Jeb Bush on them.

Cruz's criticism came relatively shortly after he attacked Trump earlier that day, claiming that the real estate tycoon is skipping a debate organized by Fox because he finds Kelly, who will be moderating, to be a “very, very terrifying person” and hates to be challenged.

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In addition to impugning Donald Trump's courage, Cruz took a swing at his views on foreign policy and the Middle East in particular. Taking issue with a recent statement by Trump that he would remain “neutral” in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Cruz was positively incredulous that anyone could take such a position:

“‘Cruz added that Trump’s reason for cancelling, that he had a speech at AIPAC at the same time is ‘silliness, and it reflects his assumption that he thinks the voters can’t figure out that he’s not telling them the truth. Listen, AIPAC would have allowed him to spoke at any time, it’s a multi-day conference. He chose to speak right in the middle of the debate because he’s scared to debate. And he just — he looks down on the voters. He thinks they’re gullible and will believe whatever he’s saying. So I’m going to be in DC for AIPAC as well, and since Donald is running away from the debate, I’m happy to debate him there. If he wants, we can debate foreign policy, but the problem is, Donald doesn’t do well on foreign policy because he doesn’t have even a basic modicum of knowledge. Two debates ago, Donald explained that if he were president, he’d be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. That is a stunning statement. It’s the nonsense you hear from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I’ll tell you, Megyn, if I’m president, I will not be neutral. America will stand unapologetically with Israel. And it says something about Donald Trump, if he can’t tell the difference between our friends and allies, if he can’t tell the difference between Israel and Islamic terrorists who want to murder us, that raises real questions about his fitness and his judgment to be commander-in-chief. And so, I’m happy to debate him in Utah, where the debate was supposed to happen, or DC, or anywhere else. But I suspect Donald will continue to running and hiding and basking in the protection from the network media, that is trying to do everything they can to make him the nominee, because they know he’s the one candidate on the face of the planet that Hillary Clinton can beat in the general election.'”

Source: Breitbart



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