Ted Cruz Considers Restarting his Campaign

Ted Cruz Considers Restarting his Campaign

The #Nevertrumpers may have cause to cheer as Cruz told Glenn Beck in an interview on Tuesday, that if he were to win the GOP primary in Nebraska, that he might restart his Presidential campaign.  Though he does not expect to win, he is “leaving the door open.”

He has not lent his support for the Trump nomination as of yet, as the GOP National Convention is still months away, and with a miracle, Cruz hopes things could change, resulting in a potential path to victory.

There are numerous “prominent Republicans”, like both President Bush's, John McCain, and Mitt Romney who have not pledged their support to Trump.  In fact, the formerly mentioned men, say they will not attend the convention in July either.

Many Conservatives feel like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, that Trump has not demonstrated that he is a “champion of (sic) conservative ideas” and therefore cannot endorse Trump.

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