Tech Who Set Up Hillary’s Email Server Had No Security Clearance

You have to wonder if part of Hillary’s strategy for getting elected president isn’t one of just trying to “run out the clock” on all of her scandals.  In other words, her hope could be that if she can just stall investigations and keep things at a low roar that perhaps she can get past election day without her whole political world going to pieces.  It might work.  But then again, perhaps not, as the quantity and magnitude of her corrupt actions might just overwhelm her.

We’re back on the email scandal, and here’s the latest:

The aide who set up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private servers and email apparently had no security clearance, according to the findings of a congressional committee Tuesday.

What other services to our republic did this public servant working for Hillary provide?

Cooper is the same aide who also sometimes destroyed Clinton’s BlackBerry phones, “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer,” the FBI investigative summary report said.

Now that takes a lot of technical skill.  I wonder how much this Cooper fellow got paid?

What was his main qualification for this job with Hillary?

… a longtime aide of former president Bill Clinton when he helped install Hillary Clinton’s system in 2008 during her first bid for the presidency.

There you go.  Anyone want to apply for the job?  Just be careful you don’t slip up and learn too much. Some of the Clintons’ former associates wound up having deadly “health problems.”

Source:  The Daily Caller

Photo: Paula R. Lively



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