Teachers Union Claims Trump is the Reason for Bullying

Teachers Union Claims Trump is the Reason for Bullying

Donald Trump continues to be the liberal boogeyman, being blamed for every problem in society with reckless abandon, with a total disregard for truth or sense.

The latest instance of this vilification of Trump comes from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), who blamed to billionaire businessman for bullying in schools across the United States. Forget that bullying among children has been around for thousands of years — this is still somehow Donald Trump's fault, apparently.

Logic has never been a strong supporter of any of the leftist attacks against the presumptive GOP nominee, but this one might just take the cake. Not only does it show how ridiculous the liberal left has become, but it shows how truly scared they are of a Trump candidacy. They wouldn't be trying so hard to vilify a man if they truly believd that he had no chance at the White House.

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