Teachers in Brussels: 90 Percent of all Muslim Students Hail Terrorists as ‘Heroes’

Muslim students are hailing the Islamic terrorist who destroyed innocent lives in Brussels and Paris as heroes, in the towns of Schaerbeek and Molenbeek, the infamous areas where the terrorists lived, manufactured and prepared for their attacks.

The piece, entitled “Blaming Policy, Not Islam, for Belgium’s Radicalised Youth”, interviewed Yves Goldstein, chief of staff for the minister-president of the Brussels Capital Region and a Schaerbeek councilman.

Reflecting that “our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II,” Goldstein poses the question, “How is it that people who were born here in Brussels, in Paris, can call heroes the people who commit violence and terror?”

Goldstein does not blame Islam, but rather the lack of diversity and the lack of cultural exposure.  He thinks that the terrorists believed in nothing and that somehow diversity and modern art would have kept them from murdering so many people.   His belief that art will in some way tame the hate is a remarkable leap from shock that some would call them heroes to they just need a little Warhol in their lives.

“These young people will never go to museums until 18 or 20 — they never saw Chagall, they never saw Dalí, they never saw Warhol, they don’t know what it is to dream.”

Dismissing the idea of Islam having played any role in the Paris attack and the bombing of Brussels airport and a subway station claiming that “religion for them is a pretext” and that they “believe in nothing,” the politician the boldly claims that the problem is a lack of exposure to diversity and modern art:

“We have neighborhoods where people only see the same people, go to school with the same people. What connection do they have with the whole society, what connection do they have with real diversity? It’s the establishment of the ghetto,” he says, “and it’s the thing in our urban development that we have to tackle.”

The city of Schaerbeek once had two synagogues open, but now they are being sold as the Jews have left.

There is a kind of suffocating, insular, ethnic uniformity” and describes Belgium’s system of integration as “somewhere between the French model, which put new immigrants in suburban ghettos, and the British and American one, which created communities like Chinatown or Little Italy.

Yet these hero worshiping Muslim students don't need art or diversity, but rather a deprogramming of the indoctrination that radical Islam and Sharia law.  They do believe in something, and no amount of diversity will alter their beliefs that ultimately could drive them to commit terror attacks against those who believe differently than they.

Source: Breitbart








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