Teacher Won’t Let Students Watch Trump Inauguration Speech

With Donald Trump set to take office in less than two days, you would think Americans would want to witness his inauguration regardless of where they stand on him. After all, it would be wise for those who oppose Trump’s policies to familiarize themselves with them before they criticize them. But instead, some would rather “shield” others from Trump’s speech, as Michigan teacher Brett Meteyer has promised to do by not allowing his students to see it on Friday:

“Because I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump’s inauguration speech,” he wrote, according to conservative radio talk show host Steve Gruber, who posted the email on Facebook.

The email said Meteyer reached out to Trump’s transition team about an advance copy of the speech but had not heard back.”

Source: Washington Examiner



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