Teacher Slams Conservative Teen as “not worth saving in a fire”

Passionate, vocal and extraordinarily wise for the ripe old age of 13, CJ Pearson has made the news often over the past month.  Most recently he was attacked by a liberal teacher at his middle school in Evans, Georgia.   He was told by other students  from his class that teacher Michael Garrison said that he “hates him” and that he is “not worth saving in a fire.”

“It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully, but someone who engages in slander,” Pearson told BizPac Review. “My words are bold and I don’t expect everyone to agree. But to have a teacher say this about me? Completely inexcusable.”

The slander comment refers to Pearson being accused of cheating on a vocabulary test by this same teacher, when he was in sixth grade.  Rather ironic as this young man's mastery of vocabulary is astounding for his young age.

Pearson has accused the teacher of violating the school's bullying policy and Principal Eli Putman will be opening an investigation.

“This was brought to our attention after it was posted on social media. We have been on an extended holiday weekend and will conduct a full review of the allegations once school resumes tomorrow,” Putnam wrote. “Columbia Middle School believes all students should be taught in a safe and positive environment. Accordingly, if the claims are substantiated we will handle the issue as a personnel matter.”

Source: InfoWars



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