Tax Reform Stalled As Ryan Pushes His Own Proposal

Tax Reform Stalled As Ryan Pushes His Own Proposal

Even after the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act to replace Obamacare, the bill still has not gone to the Senate because of procedural concerns.

With one major Republican initiative stalled, the House may be in the process of impeding the next major one: tax reform. This time, it’s Speaker Paul Ryan who’s proving to be the stumbling block.

What’s holding up progress is Ryan’s obsession with his own tax proposal, which hasn’t captured the imagination of his colleagues yet.

At the heart of the issue is Ryan’s insistence on a border adjustment tax (BAT) to help offset a sharp cut in the corporate tax rate. For many GOP members, the BAT is a tough sell because of its potential impact on consumers.

President Donald Trump’s major agenda items depend on GOP action in Congress that thus far doesn’t seem to be taking shape. Learn more about the impasse on the next page.

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