Target’s Dangerous Restroom Policy

Target, the store that claims, Everyone deserves to feel like they belong”, ignores the safety of children.  The store identifies with the transgender but fails in identifying with the needs and safety of children.

Truth and Action reported:

Tuesday, Target announced that they will allow transgender customers and employees to use the restroom of their choice.  Despite garnering some support for the move, the announcement also caused a public outcry, as Breitbart reports.

Customers and potential customers almost immediately spoke out against Target’s decision to ignore the biological difference between men and women.

“Why would you choose to allow men in the women’s restroom when every single store has a single family restroom that can easily accommodate your Transgender customers,” Sandy Bell Small wrote on Facebook. “Way to go Target for choosing to protect the .03% of the ADULT transgender population over your women, children, mothers, grandchildren, teenager population. I’m sure you will say you I longer miss us but I’m sure the $$$’s spent weekly will be felt somewhere.”

A recent study of the 2010 census showed that only 89,667 adults had changed their names from one sex to another. That’s roughly 1 in 2,500 adults. Advocates of greater status for people who live like people of the opposite sex, however, say one in every 400 American adults are transgender.

Some commenters told Target they would never shop at the retailer again. Others said they feared for the safety of their loved ones. Liz Ammons, for instance, reminded Target that its policy is not made without dangerous consequences by posting the story of a pervert who was arrested after harassing girls in a Walmart bathroom.

InfoWars reported outside of an Austin, Texas, Target to find if people think there is an issue with Target's policy.

“It's a safety issue when it comes to kids.”   Another woman stammered, “Wow, I'm speechless.”

One gentleman said it was, “Crazy, that doesn't make any sense…it seems so illogical.”

One many supports Target and their policy, (one doubts if he has thought about the ramification for kids) and another fellow admitted to not having thought about it at all.

“I have no problem with that (Target policy), at all, no problems, check the calender, it's 2016, time for a change,” said one couple.

A grown man, dressed as a little girl, bangs, pin-curls and a flowery jumper dress, says in the video that his adopted parents have no problem with him being a little girl.

“When you see a guy whose three-hundred pounds with a goatee, and pulls in on a Harley and is going through my closet going, ‘Can I wear this dress? Or can I kiss you when I am wearing the dress?' You don't expect it.”

“I don't know, I am a pretty liberal old lady and don't know if I want men in my dressing, bathroom space, but on the other hand, I think if you have a gender identification other than what you were born with, you have rights too. So it's tough way to call.”

Progressives are having their own gender identity crisis, claiming the calendar tells us it is okay for 200-pound men dressed in Mary Janes, to enter a woman's room, but in the same parking lot interview, not wanting one in the dressing room.

What could possibly go wrong?  “There's a lot of crazy people in this world, who knows.  I just don't think it is a good idea, especially if you have young children going to the bathroom with… you know.”

“It could be a pedophile that just walks in and just uses that loophole to actually probably hurt someone.”

The calendar conscientious couple were clueless when asked about the potential for pedophiles abusing the rule.  “It's  transgender people are what the concern is, they are not pedophiles, they are just people.  I don't find that as a loophole, I have two daughters, I don't think so.”

Demonstrated here is the stupidity of progressive parents today, “my two daughters will be safe from pedophiles because I don't see Target's policy as a loophole”.  When a child is indeed hurt by this policy will Target or the parent be held liable, complicit in the crime against the child?

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