Taharrush: The Rape Culture Being Imported Into The West


How can the terms “rape” and “game” ever be said in the same sentence? Yet this epidemic sweeping Europe, the gang rapes that have occurred in Cologne, Sweden, Berlin London, is just that.  With the wave of immigrants coming from the Middle East, the wave of rape comes with them, as their culture crashes forcefully into the morality that has been the bedrock of the West for millennia.

When a civilization steeps its people in the ideology that women are worthless, are viewed as property and therefore whatever a man chooses to do to her is within the bounds of cultural conduct, then crimes like rape are not viewed as evil, but rather an acceptable practice.

In the video below, “Taharrush”, an acceptable behavior for these Middle Eastern men against a woman, is occurring.  It is horrifying, so viewer beware.  The woman, a Dutch journalist was severely injured in the attack and hospitalized.  She returned to the Netherlands after her attack.

What we are seeing in the video is an example of ‘Taharrush’ – where gangs of men attack, assault, rob and in some cases rape women. The phenomenon is a particular problem in North African countries during public demonstrations or festivities.

Mass sexual assaults in Cologne and numerous other cities across the continent on New Year’s Eve committed by Arab men illustrate how ‘Taharrush’ is now being imported by European countries as a consequence of the ‘refugee’ red carpet.

“In Egypt, sexual harassment is widespread and touches the lives of the majority of women whether on the streets, in public transportation, or at the work place, the super market, or political protests,” reports online journal Jadaliyya, adding that even Muslim women who wear the veil are targeted.

CBS reporter Lara Logan was infamously molested by up to 200 men in the same location – Tahrir Square – during the 2011 uprising in Egypt. Logan was sexually assaulted so violently that she thought she was going to die.


If the West is to win the war against these barbaric men and practices, then it must call out the religion these rapists hide behind that condones this behavior and one must put the onus on the perpetrator and not the victim, as the Mayor of Cologne has done, telling the women to not walk in the public streets so they avoid getting raped.

Although mass molestations by migrants are clearly connected to the fact that Islam treats women as second class citizens, authorities in Europe are still almost completely ignorant to the problem. Vienna’s chief of police echoed comments made by Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker when he advised Austrian women not to go out at night alone.

The battle must be waged before it hits our American shores.

Source: Info Wars



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