Syrian Rebels Release Shocking ISIS ‘Execution’ Video

As the Islamic State has rampaged across Syria and Iraq, it's reputation for violence and savagery has preceded it. If this video is any indication, Syrians are starting to realize that not only must the terrorist group be defeated, but it must be made clear that they will not adopt the bloody methods it employs. According to Western Journalism:

“A cleric, dressed in a white Islamic robe, then addressed the prisoners and urged them to repent.

‘This is not our policy. We are not evil,' he states.

The ISIS fighters were sent back to prison.

Levant Front, created last December, has suffered many losses sandwiched in battles between ISIS in the north of the war torn area and the Syrian government in Aleppo. It is now surging after receiving weapons from Turkey, resulting in the recapturing of two villages, Delha and Harjaleh, from ISIS near the Turkish border in November.”

Source: Western Journalism



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