Swedish Reverses Free-Movement Policy For Migrants, Will Start Turning Them Away

Sweden has reversed its open-border policy in reaction to the overwhelming flood of migrants pouring through their borders.

The move is a significant u-turn for the grand coalition government led by left-wing Social Democrat Stefan Löfven, who just two days ago slammed the centre-right ‘Moderate’ party for suggesting the country control its borders.

The exact details of how the closure will work are not yet clear. Sweden police will be holding a press conference at midday (1100 London) as the borders close to make clear the specifics of the situation.

What is clear at present is that migrants without travel documents will be turned away at the border, even if they want to claim asylum. This is a major development, as so many migrants travelling across Europe lose their passports and identity documents — either on purpose or by accident — and thence claim to be Syrian refugees, the most likely nationality to receive asylum.

Under the Schengen rules, the Swedish government may continue to impose border controls for up to two months, at which point they must open the borders again. The European Union must be alerted of any such closures beforehand, and the nation must agree to allow the European Union to monitor how the changes are implemented.

Comments by the interior affairs minister yesterday suggest Sweden will be looking to use the full two months allowed by the European Union, but will otherwise be following the rules set – and reopening their borders as commanded by European law.

Source: Breitbart

The stage is set for a collapse of the Schengen Plan, as it is obvious that Sweden will want to permanently seek to control their borders. Two months will not be enough time to seize control of the chaos that has come to Sweden, and it is likely that they will turn to other countries for assistance as their system falters under the weight of their new Muslim dependents.



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