Swedish Politician: It’s Better to be Raped by Migrants than by Your Own

According to a certain Swedish politician, there are standards when it comes to rape. Who would have thought that?

According to Barbro Sorman, it's “worse” when Swedish men commit rape than it is when migrants do it.

That's like saying it's worse when white people murder than it is when minorities do it. Liberals certainly would hold that position. Sorman describes herself as a socialist and a feminist. She doesn't know what she believes but continues to open her mouth.

And there lies the problem.

She believes that Swedish men who rape do it despite being brought up in a world of gender equality. It's not like migrants haven't heard of gender equality. Rape is rape and murder is murder. There are no standards, no degree of circumstance. It's evil pure and simple. And the fact that she had to say something like that just goes to show you that there is an agenda at work not just in Sweden but all over the Western world.

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