Swedish Minister Cries While Announcing Crackdown On Immigration


Although Sweden is a comparatively small country compared to the U.S., an astonishing number of it’s inhabitants are not even native-born residents. This is a direct result of the government’s open borders policy and willingness to bend over backwards for refugees and asylum seekers, thanks in small part to emotionally unstable liberals like Minister Romson. Per The Gateway Pundit:

“The suicidal West is full of bleeding heart liberal idiots like Romson.

As of 2010, 1.33 million people or 14.3% of the inhabitants in Sweden were foreign-born. The country has taken nearly 100,000 a year since then.

Sweden’s far left deputy prime minister Asa Romson cried while announcing refugee U-turn.

What an idiot.”

Watch Romson cry for yourself in the video below.

Source: The Gateway Pundit




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