Swedish Government Kicks Family out of their Home to Move in Migrants

With all the assistance being offered to foreign asylum seekers across Europe, one would think that a country's own citizens would feel secure knowing that their country has their back should their lives take an unfortunate turn. Turns out, many governments care more about Middle Eastern refugees than their own people.

A local family in the Swedish city of Lidingö has been ordered by the government to leave their home so that it can be given to migrants arriving from a foreign country.

Father of two teenage boys Uffe Rustan received a voicemail from his local municipality telling him he would need to vacate the property by August in order to make way for asylum seekers from the Middle East.

“I was evicted from my home over the phone. When I asked for the reason, he said that people come from other countries. He left the news and basically just said have a nice weekend,” Rustan told a newspaper.

Rustan lives with his teenage sons Rasmus (15) and Linus (17), all of whom were born in Lidingö. He rents the home from the city and has been living in it for less than a year.

“It feels like I’m worthless, even though I pay taxes and my kids go to school here. You cannot put a family on the streets for another family,” said Rustan. “Just when it starts to feel like home, we are evicted.”

Rustan said that the news was “depressing” and wondered why native Swedes were being treated worse than migrants arriving in the country for the first time.

People across Europe were already furious with the chaos these people have created in their communities. Now that the refugees are officially taking them over — with the help of government — it's become crystal clear where these countries' allegiances lie.

Source: Info Wars



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