Sweden Court Legalizes Flying ISIS Battle Flag in Public

With a supposed global “war on terrorism” in progress, you’d think that any show of support for groups like ISIS would be discouraged.  After all, as nebulous as the term “terrorism” might be, it’s pretty clear that any group that goes around slitting people’s throats as a matter of strategy falls into that category.  Unfortunately, ISIS just got some support in a country that is supposed to be opposing terrorism.

Swedish prosecutors have effectively legalised the display and use of the Islamic State (ISIS) battle flag by refusing to prosecute a Muslim male who used an image of it as his Facebook profile.

An unidentified 23-year-old was the subject of a complaint to police after he set an image of the ISIS flag as his profile picture. Swedish police passed the case onto the prosecutor who after deliberation decided to not pursue it.

What is the reasoning this prosecutor used in making this decision?

The decision rests upon the wording of Swedish law, which is designed to protect minorities from racial or other hatred. Because Ms. Sjövall believes the Islamic State hates everyone, no particular minority group has been offended and therefore no offence has been committed.

Wow.  You might want to read that a second time.

Hopefully this sort of legal reasoning remains quarantined in Sweden.  We’ve got more than our share of crazy judicial decisions already.  And we don’t want to do anything to encourage groups like ISIS.

Source:  Breitbart

Photo: India.com


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