Swalwell Warns Gun Owners Feds Could Nuke Them for Refusing Gun Control

The Stupidest Tweet of the Year trophy goes to the Democratic presidential hopeful that no one actually knows: Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell from California. After he was criticized by conservative commentator Joe Biggs for calling for the forcible confiscation of assault weapons, Swalwell tried to one-up the conservative but only ended up revealing how wanting his IQ is.

Swalwell replied to Biggs that any such war between the government and gun owners would be “short” because the government has “nukes,” implying that the government would use nuclear weapons against its own citizens.

He further threatened that the nukes are “legit.”

Swalwell accused Biggs of being “dramatic” for recoiling at the notion that the government would destroy its own citizens and denied that he was “nuking anyone or threatening that.”

Despite the earlier suggestion that the government would go to war with its own citizens, Swalwell mocked gun owners who believe they need guns to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

Swalwell accused this reporter of “lying” after an attempt to characterize the congressman’s arguments in the thread.

Swalwell’s colleague, Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, even weighed in on the debate, writing simply, “What the?”

Source: Daily Caller


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