Supreme Court To Rule on Obama’s Immigration Actions

Supreme Court To Rule on Obama’s Immigration Actions

The Supreme Court will hear a case challenging President Obama's executive actions granting quasi-legal status to 5 million people or more who entered the U.S. illegally as children, it was announced on Tuesday. The case will address the illegal immigration program that has been halted for almost a year as a result of a ruling by a federal judge in Texas who ordered the program stopped for the present.

The case will address four elements. Do states have legal standing to challenge the deferred actions grants by providing benefits to such immigrants, were the actions Obama ordered in 2014 arbitrary and capricious under federal law, is the administration obliged to go through a formal notice-and-comment period before proceeding with its plan, and did Obama’s actions violate the constitutional provision requiring him to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed” — in essence, did existing law bar the president from making the kinds of non-enforcement changes he sought to make.

It is clear that Obama has acted independently without the concurrence of Congress or the American people, and many people believe that his objective was to implement a de facto amnesty program that would add millions of immigrants to the Democrat voting rolls in a way that would be almost impossible to undo once he leaves office. That may still be the final outcome, despite the case being considered by the Supreme Court.

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