Summer Day Camp Opens to ‘Help Preschoolers Determine Their Sexual Identities’

Summer Day Camp Opens to ‘Help Preschoolers Determine Their Sexual Identities’

What were you doing when you were 4 years old? Confused about your gender?  I was a little girl outside making mud pies scheming up ways to talk my mother into letting me cook real food all by myself or trying to convince people that I knew how to read because I’d memorized the few books we had that’d been read to me. And as a side-note, it really is surprising that I didn’t grow up to be a liberal as I really did believe that I knew how to read. Back to our discussion though. I wasn’t spending my days thinking about penises or my lack thereof. Granted there were also real problems already in my life. But, once again needing a penis was the last thing on my radar.

I don’t know if you’re picking up on this – but as a kid, I didn’t have a hankering to change my parts for a penis or receive special treatment. But, the person I grew up to become cares a lot about the welfare of children. More than I can possibly begin to put into words. It literally makes me sick, I feel a shooting pain through my stomach when I hear of people abusing children. And I can not rest till I know that I have at least stood up for those still too young to make their own voice heard. There are few sins more despicable than refusing to intervene on behalf of the voiceless innocent.

There is a sadistic nationwide plot afoot to encourage children as young as 4 to take their own lives. Now I know what you’re thinking. That it is too evil. This is America. I can’t deal with the thought of evil being so close to me or that my own children might be endangered. It is too much. No, it is not. Pull yourself together and find it within yourself to care about someone besides yourself and preserving your rosy little-protected worldviews. I am talking about the U.S. And if you as much as believe in a Creator, or human decency, you can’t walk away. Warning this is very sad – but you need to. Continue on to the next page to learn more on what is currently unfolding in CA and what you can do to help

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