Study: Half of Cancer Patients Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

Study: Half of Cancer Patients Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer

It's hard to find subjects more personal or that create more concern than healthcare and medical treatments.  Just witness the acrimonious debate over healthcare legislation in the U.S.  And it's no wonder.  Healthcare is very expensive, impacts everyone, and isn't an exact science, raising the level of stress.

Naturally, there are some areas of healthcare that are just no big deal.  People catch colds, break arms, and experience all sorts of rather common maladies.  Unless they are very young or very elderly, or they have complicating conditions, the treatment, if any is even needed, is pretty obvious and straightforward.

When it comes to cancer treatment, it's usually a very different ballgame.  The choice of correct treatments is often not clear, and failure to find a successful treatment, if one even exists, is usually terminal.  While terrific strides have been made in cancer treatment, there is so much that medical science just doesn't know yet.  Hence, not only is there uncertainty that leads to a lot of concerns, but there is also much controversy over treatments.

Few medical topics are more controversial than chemotherapy, a treatment examined on page two.

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