Students Told to Stopped Singing the National Anthem

Students Told to Stopped Singing the National Anthem

The National Anthem, sung at the 9/11 Memorial, seems to be an appropriate way to honor those who died, as well as those who continue to fight the war on terrorism abroad.  Yet, as the Waynesville Middle School chorus found out on their visit to New York City and the Memorial, singing is prohibited without a permit.

The group did get a verbal okay from the security guard before singing the National Anthem, however, mid-song they were told to stop singing.

9/ states that in order to perform 20 minutes of a musical performance, groups must have a permit for a designated day.  The website also says, that “making noise that is unreasonable, or behaving in a way that is inappropriate given the solemn nature of the Memorial and the Memorial Museum”.

This group of middle school students did not sing for 20 minutes, thus,  their spontaneous singing of the National Anthem does not technically fit this requirement and their “noise was both appropriate, reasonable and fitting to the solemn nature of the Memorial”.

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