Students Required To Practice Calligraphy By Writing ‘There Is No God But Allah’

When is an art project and indoctrination project?  In Virginia, a World Geography class was asked to write out the shahada, the Muslim statement of faith, “There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” in Arabic script.

Parents were outraged and have met with the district to voice their concern.  The district however saw nothing wrong with the choice of phrase, nor the project.

Parents told The Schilling Show that their children were not given the translation of what they were writing.

In other words, there were more than likely a few Christian teenagers in that room who had no idea they were writing, “There is no god but Allah.”

But the school district doesn’t seem to think that’s a problem.

“The statement presented as an example of the calligraphy was not translated for students, nor were students asked to translate it, recite it or otherwise adopt or pronounce it as a personal belief,” the district stated.

They said it was all about the art — not about the theology.

“They were simply asked to attempt to artistically render written Arabic in order to understand its artistic complexity,” they stated.

Parents have a right to be concerned, as school districts around the nation have slipped in this type of indoctrination, without offering other religious world views side by side.  Many times, such as this “art project”, the intent seems to be a deceptive way to slip the message in without none the wiser.

Source: Fox News



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